New Scotland Yard: Shadow of a Deadbeat (ITV 17 Nov 1972)

In Shadow of a Deadbeat Kingdom and Ward investigate the murder of a down and out found dead in the basement of a block of flats. As the investigation continues the detectives discover links to ex-con Eddie Moffat freshly released from prison and with a score to settle on fellow criminal Lee Collins.

The opening scene establishes the walkout between Arthur and Daniel, the pair are dossing down in an abandoned, condemned house and after an argument over who gets the one bed that is in the place Arthur walks out – Arthur seeks refuge in the basement car park of a block of flats only to be shot dead by a figure in the shadows. Initially it looks like the dodgy caretaker may be the guilty party but it soon becomes apparent that the murder was a hit style killing gone wrong.

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Sadly Arthur’s friend Daniel also dies, Kingdom discovers him after going to check up on him. He’d managed to get himself some five star brandy and it was apparently too much for him. it’s another example of Kingdom’s sympathetic nature too.

The condemned house opening really places the episode in it’s time. In the early seventies whole rows of terraced housing were being demolished in what is now seen as a misguided bid to replace slum housing with modern tower blocks.

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production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 17 November 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: Don Houghton / Production Design: David Catley / Director: Bryan Izzard

Series: New Scotland Yard Season 2 Episode 6

John Woodvine as Kingdom
John Carlisle as Ward
John Rees as Arthur Glynn
Richard Mathews as Daniel Pearce
David Webb as Mr Bronson
Paul Grist as Sgt Denver
Kenneth Gilbert as Police Surgeon
John Graham as Ashley
Alex Marshall as Denise Wright
Barbara Grant as W.P.C. Bascomb
Gil Sutherland as Joe Daly
Eric Allan as Lee Collins
Terence Mountain as Eddie Moffett

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