The Onedin Line: Fetch and Carry (BBC-1 8 Oct 1972)

In Fetch and Carry a well to do lady called Indigo Jones approaches to James to help “fetch and carry” her ship The Samantha which is stuck off the coast of Cork. The ship has been having trouble with it’s crew who believe it’s valuable cargo of “guano” is bad luck. It’s a quick job but is there more to Miss Indigo than there seems. And there is of course, the ship has come from South America’s fever coast and fever has taken hold aboard the ship.

Miss Indigo wants the cargo unloaded quickly but James and Baines know they will have trouble getting a crew aboard.

James only really takes the job on because he is keen to find the guano source. Most countries have a prohibitive export tax on it but Miss Indigo says she has a source that doesn’t making the ship’s cargo nicely valuable.

Anne and James are still unreconciled but the family are doing their best to get them back together.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 8 October 1972

Writer: Alun Richards / Director: Ben Rea

Series: The Onedin Line Season 2 Episode 4

Howard Lang as Mr Baines
Dolores Mantez as Miss Indigo
Philip Bond as Albert Frazer
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth Frazer
Anne Stallybrass as Anne Onedin
James Hayter as Captain Webster
Peter Gilmore as James Onedin
Mary Webster as Sarah Onedin
Richard Parry as Twinty Morgan
Walter Sparrow as Billy Bones
Michael Crane as Dutchie
Eric Young as Johnny Heave-Ho
Artro Morris as Captain Jones
Robert Mill as John Frazer
Brian Rawlinson as Robert Onedin

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