Spindoe: Now You’re Running (ITV 24 May 1968, with Jon Laurimore)

Things are not looking good for Alec in Now You’re Running, he is more or less back where he started – this time he will have a life sentence to deal with if he is caught by the police. Worse than that he is under a death sentence from both Mackleson and Scaliger.

Forced on the run Spindoe knows he needs to get out of London and out of the country if possible. As the police, Mackleson and Scaliger all converge on Spindoe’s Thames hideout time is running out.

Whatever the outcome it is not going to end well for Alec Spindoe. It turns out that it doesn’t end up too well for Mackleson either.

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A brilliant series, excessively violent and would have seemed even more so on original broadcast, but the scripts from Robin Chapman and performances all round are superb.

classic quote
“he was dead before you even met him.”

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 24 May 1968 at 9.00pm

Writer: Robin Chapman / Production Design: Alan Price / Director: Cormac (Mike) Newell

Series: Spindoe Episode 6 (of 6)

Ray McAnally as Alec Spindoe
Richard Hurndall as Mackleson
George Sewell as Scaliger
Rachel Herbert as Renata
Glynn Edwards as Billy Humphries
Garfield Morgan as Webster
Bryan Marshall as Detective Sergeant Peach
Jon Laurimore as Detective Sergeant Fowler
Carole Mowlam as Ruth
Dan Jackson as Boy
Griffith Davies as Terry
Colin Edwynn as Curtis
Stephen Hancock as 1st Meths Drinker
Jimmy Gardner as 2nd Meths Drinker
Julie Goodyear as Girl in Cafe
Malcolm Rogers as Police Sergeant
Michael Spice as River Policeman
Jonathan Adams as River Policeman
Julian Battersby as Policeman in Street
Mark Powell as 1st P.C. at Docks
Kenneth Gilbert as 2nd P.C. at Docks

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