Spindoe: But You’re Back and Fighting (ITV 3 May 1968, with Glynn Edwards)

In But You’re Back and Fighting with Shelagh dead, murdered by Mackleson’s Spindoe lookalike, D.S. Peach is even more convinced that Alec has embarked on a murderous revenge spree. His boss D.I. Tierney is still not convinced. Lucky for Spindoe as it gives him a little breathing space. Private Investigator Scaliger, who witnessed Shelagh’s murder, also believes in Alec’s innocence.

It’s also clear from Edwards’ reaction when he finds out Shelagh is dead that he genuinely loved her and that she wasn’t just the trophy she appeared to be. Of course it also means that Edwards’ is convinced that Spindoe killed Shelagh and will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

Meanwhile Alec tracks down fellow villain Billy Humphries (who has been in hiding presumed dead) who has his own reasons for wanting to get back at Mackleson and Edwards. Alec, thanks to Billy Humphries also knows that Renata is working for Mackleson. Once Mackleson finds out that Spindoe knows she is working for him Renata’s future does not look too bright.

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Glynn Edwards, who is another of those great character actors that never got the recognition he deserved, is excellent as Humphries. Keen to get back at both the North and South gangs but offering a few words of wisdom and a restraining hand to Spindoe’s violent tendencies.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 3 May 1968 at 9.00pm

Writer: Robin Chapman / Production Design: Peter Caldwell / Director: Cyril Coke

Series: Spindoe Episode 3 (of 6)

Ray McAnally as Alec Spindoe
George Sewell as Scaliger
Richard Hurndall as Mackleson
Glynn Edwards as Billy Humphries
Anthony Bate as Edwards
Rachel Herbert as Renata
Basil Dignam as Detective Inspector Tierney
Bryan Marshall as Detective Sergeant Peach
John Woodnutt as Arnold Deacon
Peter Jesson as Hans
Jonathan Holt as Reporter
Colette O’Neil as Shelagh
Bill Prentiss as Plain-clothes policeman
Dan Jackson as Boy
Lynda Harris as Jenny

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