Bambino Mio (BBC-1 1994 with Julie Walters and Georges Corraface)

UK / BBC-1 / 1×85 minute episode / Broadcast 6 February 1994

Writer: Colin Welland / Music: Stephen Warbeck / Design: Roger Cann / Producer: Kenith Trodd / Director: Edward Bennett

Series: Screen One / Broadcast as a one off between seasons five and six.

Drama. A woman battles to adopt a child from the third world when she learns she is unable to have children of her own.

Julie Walters as Alice
Georges Corraface as Jean-Paul
John McArdle as Harry
Orlando Urdaneta as Luis
Sophia Diaz as Pilar
Sophie De La Rochefoucauld as Nicole
Mirlady Valcillo as Chico (Venezuela)
Jacob Scipio as Chico (Europe)
Philippe Gonzales as Chico (Europe)
Roger Bret as Priest
Marcelle Ranson-Hervé as Stepmother
Colette Charbonneau as Veronique
Marianne Borgo as Banker
Don Crann as Psychologist
Joy Richardson as Angela

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