Bring ’Em Back Alive (CBS 1982–1983, Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan)

Bring 'Em Back Alive CBS 1982-1983

Bring ‘Em Back Alive was clearly inspired by the hit movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. CBS saw a way to capitalize on the films’ hugh box-office success and brought this adventure to TV the following year.

Frank Buck was a legendary guide and Great White Hunter who lived in Malaya during the years prior to World War II. His base was the Raffles Hotel bar in Singapore that was run by his best friend Myles Delaney and Frank’s foes included warlords, bounty hunters, spies, smugglers, Nazis, and the menacing Japanese. Frank somehow took care of them all, however, G.B. VonTurgo, the top underworld warlord in Singapore, did manage to create recurring problems for him and his friends.

On good guys side were: Gloria Marlowe, the American vice consul in Singapore; the regal Sultan of Johore and Frank’s loyal assistant, Ali. Bhundi was an associate of VonTurgo who, though he was basically a criminal, would switch sides if the price was right.

There was a real Frank Buck, a famous animal trapper in the 1940’s. The book written about him provided the title for the series and was about his exploits.

production details
USA / CBS / x50 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 September 1982 – 21 June 1983

Bruce Boxleitner as Frank Buck
Cindy Morgan as Gloria Marlowe
Clyde Kusatsu as Ali
Ron O’Neal as H.H.
Roger Newman as Edward Ridley-Jones
Sean McClory as Myles
John Zee as G.B. Von Turgo
George Kee Cheung as Ching
Harvey Jason as Bhundi
John Petlock as The Governor

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