Cakes And Ale (BBC-2 1974, Judy Cornwell, Mike Pratt)

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Period drama serial Cakes and Ale was about a biographer who plans a book about a famous writer but finds out the facts are not as they seem.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 3×55 minute epipsode / Broadcast 9-23 November 1974

Writer: Harry Green / Novel: W. Somerset Maugham / Script Editor: Lennox Phillips / Music: Bill Southgate / Production Design: Geoffrey Patterson / Producer: Richard Beynon / Director: Bill Hays.

Michael Hordern as Willie Ashenden
Judy Cornwell as Rosie Gann
Barbara Atkinson as Miss Fellowes
Mike Pratt as Edwin Driffield
Peter Jeffrey as Alroy Kear
Lynn Farleigh as Amy Driffield
Ken Wynne as Pub Landlord
James Grout as Lord George Kemp
Eileen Helsby as Mary- Ann
Paul Aston as Willie As A Boy

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