Star Quality: The Noel Coward Stories (BBC-1 1985, Tom Courtnay, Judi Dench)

Star Quality

This anthology series of one off plays was based on the work of Noel Coward.

Writers adapting his work included Jack Rosenthal, T.R. Bowen, Stanley Price and the star names included Judi Dench, Ian Holm, Carroll Baker, Paul Daneman, Michael Aldridge, Judy Parfitt, Patricia Hayes, Paula Wilcox and Tom Courtnay

STAR QUALITY (Broadcast 10 November 1985)
MRS CAPPER’S BIRTHDAY (Broadcast 17 November 1985)
WHAT MAD PURSUIT (Broadcast 24 November 1985)
ME AND THE GIRLS (Broadcast 1 December 1985)
BON VOYAGE (Broadcast 8 December 1985)
MR & MRS EDGEHILL (Broadcast 15 December 1985)

production details
UK / BBC1-Quintet-Arts and Entertainment Network / 6 episodes of various length / Broadcast 10 November to 15 December 1985

Executive Producer for Quintet Films: Victor Glynn / Series Advisor: Stanley Price


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