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Dr. Phil Today Wednesday May 24, 2023, on CBS. A young, eager white police officer named Allen Gibson saw a man flee into the woods on April 25, 1998 in the sleepy town of Waverly, Virginia. Gibson was suspicious of a drug transaction and decided to follow. When he did, two Black men looked directly at him. The last words spoken by Gibson were, “Two Black males were responsible.”

Terrence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne, the two men arrested for the crime, both maintain their innocence. A federal jury concurred with their position and found them to be innocent. Why then did they get a life sentence? Dr. Phil learns the verdict from the judge when their lawyer, Jarrett Adams, explains the ruling.

Crissana Gibson, who was only eight years old when her father was murdered, is confident that the right two people are serving time in prison. Crissana reveals to Dr. Phil the treasure she unearthed from her father.

Crissana also meets Richardson’s daughter Iquisha and Claibornes’ sister Felicia for the first time. Also, former police chief Warren Sturrup and juror Dawn explain to Dr. Phil how they reached their verdict of not guilty in the federal trial of the men.

Airdate: Wednesday May 24, 2023 at 3.00pm on CBS.

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