Man At The Top: Change Partners (ITV 8 Feb 1971)

In Change Partners Joe is just about to leave for New York to finalise a major merger that could set him up for life when he gets news that the Auntie, who raised him as her own child and he called Mam, has died. He heads back to Leeds to make arrangements for the funeral, he meets former flame Jonni at the airport and is surprised when she turns up in Leeds to “comfort” him. To add to his troubles his partner Teddy Soames, who is already in New York is plotting behind his back to cut him out of the deal.

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A return to home for Joe makes him realise a few things and the chance to get one over on Teddy and finally Abe proves too good an opportunity to miss even if it means turning his back on everything he has made so far.

A real slow burner but stunning in the end, a fabulous last third sees Joe make a few major decisions which more than likely spells the end of his marriage. A fabulous last scene with grubby pound notes flying everywhere and Joe walking out with two fingers raised is superb and not forgotten in a hurry.

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classic quote
“that’s what you are, you’re a cloth capped yobbo”

production details
UK / ITV Network – Thames / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 8 February 1971

Writers: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley / Production Design: Bernard Spencer / Director: Piers Haggard

Man At The Top Season One Episode Eight

guest cast
ANN LYNN as Jonni Devon
MARJORIE RHODES as Sarah Ramsden
MARK DIGNAM as Abe Brown
ANGUS MACKAY as Charles Knowsley
ANTHONY SAGAR as Pub Customer
CLIFFORD COX as Pub Landlord

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