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Soldier and Me: Jump (ITV 6 Oct 1974)



Soldier and Me Jump

In Jump Soldier and Jim decide to head to Jim’s friend Nick’s holiday place in the country thinking they will be safe there. The only problem is the bad guys have followed them on to the train taking them there. Jim realises there only chance of a getaway is if they jump from the train…

Exciting stuff with Jim and Soldier finally getting away from the crooked Czechs but Jim injures his leg in the train jump and not really knowing where his friend’s holiday farm is – only that is close to a lake.

Fred Feast (aka Fred Gee from Coronation Street) pops up as a drunk who makes a nuisance of himself on the train Soldier and Jim are on.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 October 1974

Writer: David Line / Director: Carol Wilks

Series: Soldier And Me Episode 4 of 8

Gerry Sundquist as Jim
Richard Willis as Soldier
Constantin de Goguel as Smiler
Milos Kirek as Boss
Richard Ireson as Greasy
Derrick O’Connor as Driver
Fred Feast as Drunk
Poppy Lane as Sandwich Lady