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Urban Legend: The Harvest (Friday November 25, 2022 Travel Channel)



Today Friday November 25, 2022 the show Urban Legend airs an episode called The Harvest on Travel Channel.

The Harvest

Clay, who recently got divorced, goes on his first date in 20 years using a dating app. Everything seems to be going well until the next morning, when he discovers that his kidney has been stolen by a thief. Clay has 48 hours to solve the mystery and retrieve his missing organ or risk losing his life.

Airdate and Episode Count

Friday November 25, 2022 at 22:00 on Travel Channel

Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info

This nightmarish anthology series, under the creative guidance of master of horror Eli Roth, showcases classic urban legends as you’ve never seen them before. Based on widely shared "true" stories that happened to a friend of a friend … of a friend, each episode of Urban Legend is a mini-horror film cinematically crafted to deliver a hyper-suspenseful and tension-fueled experience. Featuring lurking psychopaths, murderous mysteries, creepy creatures and twisting tales, these disturbing legends prey on our most deeply embedded fears to shock and terrify.

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