When Animals Attack: Crackle’s Collection of Classic Shockers

Before you check out bonkers new “When Animals Attack” movie “Cocaine Bear,” free streamer “Crackle” has a collection of movies that will have you on the edge of your seat. From the classic seventies horror movie ‘Piranha’, to the thrilling ‘Grizzly Rage’, and tension filled Tiger horror that is ‘Maneater’, you will be taken on a wild ride of terror as you watch animals unleash their fury. These movies will have you holding your breath as you watch the animals wreak havoc and destruction on their unsuspecting victims.

Grizzly Rage
When four friends from high school hit a grizzly cub and earn the wrath of the vengeful mother Grizzly bear, their celebratory road trip turns into a terrifying survival ordeal. As they battle the elements, they are plunged into a lengthy night of icy terror.

A Grizzly Bear attacks a minivan, trapping two couples inside. To survive, they’ll need to utilize their wits and courage to fight off the bear. As they work together to defeat the intelligent and crafty beast, tensions and hidden histories emerge. What if the bear doesn’t kill them, but the unexpected truths do?

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When a dangerous crocodile is let loose in the wetlands and backyards of a Thai beach resort, business takes a major hit. Two crocodile farmers, already at risk of losing an arm and a leg if business slows, now have a lot more to lose if the feeding frenzy continues.

Black Water Abyss
A group of pals are exploring a cave system in the Australian outback as a tropical storm rolls in. Killer crocodiles lurk in the shadows, waiting for the flood waters to rise so they may emerge.

2 Headed Shark Attack
A mutant two-headed shark sinks a college education ship, forcing its survivors to seek refuge on an uninhabited island. The coeds are safe until the water starts rising, at which point the monster’s double jaws will have free reign.

When a wild animal out of its element, hungry, and born to ravage, stalks the woody shadows of the Appalachian Trail, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Jurassic Shark
A group of college students are terrorized on an abandoned island by a prehistoric shark that was released by an oil corporation.

Anacondas: Trail of Blood
In this exciting continuation of the Anaconda saga, one of the scaly children of the genetically enhanced anaconda has regenerated to continue living. Murdoch (John Rhys-Davies), a dying mogul, commissions a doctor to collect more blood orchids so that he might try out the regenerating nectar on a young snake. The offspring swells to a gigantic size and appetite overnight, devouring the good doctor in its entirety before breaking free and going on a regenerative rampage. Amanda (Crystal Allen), a beautiful herpetologist who is out to eliminate the monsters she helped make, leads a group of young scientists in a battle against Murdoch’s armed goons for the chance to steal some valuable orchids before the snake tracks down both groups.

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Piranha (1978)
The original seventies classic. When piranhas, which feast on human flesh, are unleashed into the rivers of a summer resort, the people there are in danger of becoming their next meal.

In this terrifying 1972 follow-up to “Willard,” Ben the rat is back at the helm of an army of his fellow rodents. Complete with Michael Jackson hit theme tune.

The Giant Leeches
It’s back to the fifties for this one and Yvette Vickers, Jan Shepard, Ken Clark, and those horrible huge leeches all star. Director Bernard Kowalski makes the most of a limited budget by having his cast wear cheap plastic costumes. The plot of the movie follows the local police who don’t trust a game warden and a doctor who investigate mysterious disappearances and fatalities in a swamp and find that huge leeches are to blame.

All of the movies above are streaming now on Crackle.

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