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Courage Mountain (1990, Juliette Caton, Leslie Caron)



Juliette Caton plays Heidi in this sequel to the successful original, now as a teenager sent to an Italian boarding school, against her will. Rebelling against her headmistress (Leslie Caron), the situation gets worse when, as WWI breaks out, the Italian army take over the school and the pupils are sent to work for slave-driver Signor Bonelli (Yorgo Voyagis). Heidi and four friends escape but their only hope of freedom is a perilous journey over the Alps to the safety of Switzerland with the help of Heidi’s boyfriend Peter (Charlie Sheen).

production details
USA – France | 98 minutes | 1990

Director: Christopher Leitch
Script: Weaver Webb,

Charlie Sheen as Peter
Juliette Caton as Heidi
Joanna Clarke as Ursula
Nicola Stapleton as Ilsa
Jade Magri as Clarissa
Kathryn Ludlow as Gudrun
Jan Rubeš as Grandfather
Leslie Caron as Jane Hilary
Yorgo Voyagis as Signor Bonelli