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Green Years, The (MGM 1946, Dean Stockwell, Jessica Tandy)



The Green Years is a coming-of-age story based on a popular novel. A poor Irish orphan is taken in by his Scottish grandparents and develops a bond with his grandfather, an amiable man who likes to drink. As he grows older, the boy falls in love for the first time and experiences other expected growing pains. When he becomes a young man he wants to go to college but feels guilty because the money for tuition would come from his grandfather’s life insurance.

Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, who play father and daughter in The Green Years, were husband and wife in real life. The couple was married from 1942 until Tandy’s death in 1994.

production details
USA | MGM | 127 minutes | 1946

Director: Victor Saville
Producer: Leon Gordon
Cinematography: George Folsey Jr.
Editor: Robert Kern
Music: Herbert Stothart
Script: Robert Ardrey, A. J. Cronin, Sonya Levien
Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons, Hans Peters

Dean Stockwell as Robert Shannon
Jessica Tandy as Kate Leckie
Andy Clyde as Saddler Boag
Gladys Cooper as Grandma Leckie
Hume Cronyn as Papa Leckie
Tom Drake as Robert Shannon
Charles Coburn as Alexander Gow
Selena Royle as Mama Leckie
Richard Haydn as Jason Reid
Norman Lloyd as Adam Leckie
Robert North as Murdoch Leckie
Beverly Tyler as Alison Keith
Wallace Ford as Jamie Nigg
Eilene Janssen as Alison Keith
Richard Lyon as Gavin Blair
Henry O’Neill as Canon Roche
Henry Stephenson as Blakely
Norma Varden as Mrs. Bosomley
Henry H. Daniels Jr. as Gavin Blair as Young Man