Malpractice: A First Look at ITV’s Upcoming Medical Thriller



Malpractice A First Look at ITV’s Upcoming Medical Thriller

Niamh Algar (Deceit, Calm with Horses, Raised by Wolves) in a first look photo from Malpractice, a new medical drama from the Emmy-winning studio World Productions (Line of Duty, The Pembrokeshire Murders, Vigil). The five-part series was commissioned by ITV’s Head of Drama Polly Hill and is executive produced by Simon Heath, CEO of World Productions .

Dr. Lucinda Edwards, played by Algar, an astute and seasoned medical professional, is the centre of this drama about the events surrounding the overdose death of Edith Owusu. Sir Anthony Owusu, played by Brian Bovell, the father of Edith Owusu, requests an investigation into Lucinda’s behavior despite the support of Dr. Leo Harris, her medical supervisor, played by James Purefoy.

Dr. Norma Callahan (Helen Behan) and Dr. George Adjei (Jordan Kouamé), a former colleague of Lucinda’s, are in charge of the investigation. George sees Edith’s death as an unavoidable tragedy, while Norma has doubts about Lucinda’s actions before Edith passed away. As the inquiry heats up, the strain on Lucinda’s marriage to Tom (Lorne MacFadyen) becomes more apparent, and her previously unflappable professional demeanor begins to show signs of wear. What exactly is Lucinda keeping from us?

The series also stars Hannah Walters (Boiling Point, Time) in the role of Matron Beth Ralph, Priyanka Patel (Britney, Another Me) as Dr Rayma Morgan, Scott Chambers (Chicken, Innocent S2) as Dr Oscar Beattie, Tristan Sturrock (Poldark, Doc Martin) as Dr Mike Willet and Georgina Rich (Heartstoppers, War of the Worlds) playing Dr Eva Thornbury.

Grace Ofori-Attah, a former NHS doctor, has written Malpractice, which will premiere on ITV1 and ITVX in the spring.

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