The Robot Will See You Now Premieres Tues 28 Nov on Channel 4

The Robot Will See You Now

Just how far would you trust a robot to help you find solutions to the most intimate, personal problems that trouble us all? Jess is a personal assistant robot, the sort of device we may all be consulting before too long.

Along with her team of operator assistants, Jess uses AI-based analysis to offer couples and families advice on some of the problems that life throws up. From marriage and infidelity to obesity, Jess brings her analysis to people’s big issues. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a far greater part of all our lives.

From Siri to Alexa, we rely on AI for everything in many parts of our lives – and increasingly so when we’re at home. But as the AI gets more advanced, how far will we let it into our most private thoughts and concerns? And can it ever replace real people’s wisdom and advice?

Part of Channel 4’s Rise of the Robots season.

Executive Producer: Jonah Weston
Production Company: Double Act Productions

The Robot Will See You Now airs Tuesday 28 November 2017 from 10.00pm-11.05pm on Channel 4.

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