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Bold As Brass (BBC One Sitcom, Jimmy Edwards, Beryl Reid)



Sitcom Bold as Brass detailed the exploits of brass band mad Ernie Briggs (Jimmy Edwards) and his put upon wife Bessie (Beryl Reid). The series grew out of a 60 minute one off called Man O’ Brass shown on 28 Nov 1963 and produced by Douglas Moodie. The musical director was Gordon Franks.

Another star vehicle for Jimmy Edwards albeit one that only ran for one season of six episodes. There was a good supporting role for the fabulous Beryl Reid and a young Ronnie Barker also appeared.

Cast: Jimmy Edwards as Ernie Briggs; Beryl Reid as Bessie Briggs; Jill Hyem as Peggy Briggs; Ronnie Barker as Mr Oakroyd; Ronnie Brody as Jack; Ernest Arnley as Mr Thursby; Bill Treacher as Harry Parker

Creator: Ron Watson / Writers: Ron Watson, David Climie / Producer: Philip Barker

UK / BBC One / 6×25 minute episodes / 4 April – 13 June 1964 Sat 8.05pm shown Fortnightly