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Canadian TV

Dr Simon Locke (Chester Crumholz – 1971-74 with Sam Groom and Larry Mann)



Canada / Chester Crumholz – Syndicated / 84×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1971-74

Executive Producer: Murray Chercover | Producers: William Schiller, Chester Krumholz

Medical drama series Dr Simon Locke told no budget tales of the newly qualified titular doctor who moved to the small town of Dixon Mills. Later in season two the title changed to Police Surgeon when Locke moved to the city to work mostly with the Police.

The series was a daytime staple for three years but was never hugely popular (especially with the critics) but it did have a handy sponsor in the shape of Colgate who stumped up most of the money for the series.

Because of the nature of the series and lack of hard information that exists about the show a full episode count has been hard to ascertain.

SAM GROOM as Dr Simon Locke
JACK ALBERTSON as Dr Sellers (1971-72)
NUALA FITZGERALD as Nurse Wynn (1971-72)
LEN BIRMAN as Chief/Detective Lt Dan Palmer (1971-73)
LARRY D. MANN as Lt Jack Gordon (1973-74)