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Longitude (Channel 4 Drama, Michael Gambon, Jeremy Irons)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Period drama serial Longtitude was set in the 1920’s where naval officer Rupert Gould (Jeremy Irons) is determined to restore the longitude clocks of 18th century genius John Harrison (Michael Gambon).

Gould’s story is combined with that of Harrison as Harrison tries to build the clock that will work accurately on board ship enabling sailors to calculate their longitude. Gould, meanwhile, ends up struggling with his sanity.

Cast: MICHAEL GAMBON as John Harrison; JEREMY IRONS as Rupert Gould; NIGEL DAVENPORT as Sir Charles Pelham; GEMMA JONES as Elizabeth Harrison; ANNA CHANCELLOR as Muriel Gould; STEPHEN FRY as Sir Kenhelm Digby; PETER VAUGHAN as George Graham; ALEC McCOWEN as Sir Frank Dyson; FRANK FINLAY as Admiral Wager; JOHN STANDING as Captain Proctor; CHARLES GRAY as Admiral Belchen; ROGER LLOYD PACK as Captain Man; PETER HUGO DALY as John Jeffries; BARBARA LEIGH HUNT as Dodo Gould; JONATHAN COY as Admiral Cloudisley; CLIFF PARESI as Lt Draper; TREVOR COOPER as Roger Willis; IAN HART as William Harrison; SAMUEL WEST as Nevil Maskelyne; IAN McNEICE as Dr Bliss; BILL NIGHY as Lord Sandwich; BRIAN COX as Lord Morton; GARY WALDHORN as Commodore Forrest

Writer/Director: Charles Sturridge / Book: Dava Sobel / Producer: Selwyn Roberts

UK / Channel 4 – Granada Film / 2×120 minute episodes / Broadcast 2-3 January 2000 Sunday 9.00pm/Monday 8.30pm