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Most Haunted (2002,Yvette Fielding, Derek Acorah)



This downright spooky investigative series has become something of a runaway success, now seen around the world, it began life on UKTV satellite channel Living and takes head on the scaredy cat inside all of us and brings to life the classic plot line from any number of horror movies – spend a night in a supposedly haunted location and try and find out if ghosts exist.

Hosted by Yvette Fielding (who also produces the show through her company Antix) and initially featuring parapsychologist Jason Karl and one of Britain’s top mediums Derek Acorah, Most Haunted examines all aspects of paranormal phenomena from poltergeits to doppelgangers, possessions to apparitions with the team spending 24 hours in each location (and the locations roam all over from stately homes to ancient inns and even to Blackpool Pleasure Beach).

The crew uses night-vision and thermal-imaging cameras to investigate the locations and experiments with parapsychology and sÈances to try and connect with individuals who have passed on. Under close surveillance, each member of the team investigates a different area. Experts then study the footage caught on tape from their journeys to determine whether the location is, indeed, haunted. Every so often there is a special 3 day extravaganza called Most Haunted Live which obviously is live and usually comes from well known locations.

Over time more experts and presenters have come on board including Matthew Smith (Parapsychologist (from Series 2) David Bull (Most Haunted Live Presenter), Phil Whyman (Paranormal Investigator (Series 2-4), Richard Felix (Historian (from Series 2) , David Wells (Psychic Medium (from Series 4), Ciar·n O’Keeffe (Parapsychologist (from Series 2); Acorah quit after series 6 to put together his own show, also for Living and Jamie Darling came on board for series 7 as presenter of Most Haunted Live.

production details
UK | Living – Antix Productions | x50 minute episodes | 25 May 2002 – Continuing

Creators and Executive Producer: Yvette Fielding
Producer: Karl Beattie
Music: Alan Clark