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Palace, The (ITV 2008, Rupert Evans, Jane Asher)



Meet the most famous family on Earth. After the sudden death of his father Prince Richard has become King at the age of 24. Dearly loved by the nation King James III left behind his devoted wife and family.

King Richard IV now reigns. He is young, handsome, free-spirited with modern ideas about the monarchy. Unready for office he desperately wants to succeed but the Press cannot get enough of his youthful indiscretions and his family is at war.

The knives have been sharpened and they are waiting for blood.

We also see below stairs and behind closed doors as staff jostle for power, compete for affection, lie and cheat.

Filmed in Lithuania and broadcast from January to March 2008. It was axed after one series due to low viewing figures.

production details
UK | ITV1 | 8×50 minutes | 14 January – 3 March 2008

Creator: Tom Grieves
Music: Joby Talbot
Script Editor: Charles Harrison
Production Design: Taff Batley
Executive Producers: George Faber, Charles Pattinson, Tom Grieves
Producer: Gina Cronk.

Zoe Telford as Abigail Thomas
Jane Asher as Queen Charlotte
Roy Marsden as Sir Iain Ratalick
Rupert Evans as King Richard IV
Sophie Winkleman as Princess Eleanor
Lorcan Cranitch as Jonty Roberts
David Harewood as Major Simon Brooks
Nathalie Lunghi as Princess Isabelle
Fiona Button as Lucy Bedford
Sebastian Armesto as Prince George
Huw Rhys as David Waverly