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The Camomile Lawn (Channel 4 Drama, Jennifer Ehle)



The Camomile Lawn Channel 4 Drama, Jennifer Ehle, Toby Stephens

Period drama serial The Camomile Lawn told of the convoluted and surprisingly explicit love lives of a group of cousins just before and during World War II.

Brilliantly made the series garnered quite a bit of controversy (and publicity) thanks to its frankness with language and sex scenes.

Moira Petty reviewing the production in The Stage (12 Mar 1992) summed it up nicely saying it was like an X-certificate Enid Blyton (there were lots of scenes of the young cousins frolicking at the beach) but seeing Felicity Kendal romping in the garden made it unmissable of course and the series made stars of the gorgeous Jennifer Ehle and Toby Stephens as well as Tara Fitzgerald.

Cast: Felicity Kendal as Helena; Paul Eddington as Richard; Oliver Cotton as Max; Jennifer Ehle as Calypso; Tara Fitzgerald as Polly; Rebecca Hall as Sophy; Toby Stephens as Oliver; Claire Bloom as Older Sophy; Rosemary Harris as Older Calypso; Richard Johnson as Older Oliver; Virginia McKenna as Older Polly

Writer: Ken Taylor / Novel: Mary Wesley / Producers: Sophie Balhetchet, Glenn Wilhide / Director: Peter Hall

UK / Channel 4 – Zed – ABC / 5×65 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 – 26 March 1992