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The Fattest Man In Britain (ITV Drama, Timothy Spall, Frances Barber)



Timothy Spall and Frances Barber star in this acclaimed one-off drama written by Caroline Aherne and Jeff Pope.

George Godwin (Spall) has always believed himself to be the fattest man in Britain. Trapped inside his house for the past 23 years, his only regular contact is with Janice (Barber), a warm-hearted neighbour who cares for him and cooks his meals, and his so-called ‘manager’ Morris (Bobby Ball).

While carrying out his day job as a local taxi driver, Morris charges tourists to come into George’s house and gawp at him. Then one day a troubled young girl named Amy (Aisling Loftus) arrives to tend George’s garden as part of her community service order, and his world turns upside down. When Amy gets into a spot of bother, George takes her in and they soon become friends.

For the first time in years, George has something to live for other than food, and Amy gently tries to persuade him to lose weight. But when Morris organizes a televised weigh-off against George’s rival Big Brian (Barry Austin) – giving George the chance to prove to the world that he is indeed the fattest – George finds himself torn between the title and his love for Amy.

Cast: Timothy Spall (Georgie Godwin), Bobby Ball (Morris), Frances Barber (Janice), Aisling Loftus (Amy), David Williams (Mad Bob), Archie Lal (Raj), Reba Dutta (Nana), Richard Riddell (Joe), Brendan O’Carroll (Father O’Flaherty), Alice Barry (Joyce), Tim Woodward (Morley Raisin), Mark Chatterton (Richard Barter), Jeremy Kyle (Himself), Akira Koieyama (Japanese Man), Yuriri Naka (Japanese Woman)

Writers: Jeff Pope and Caroline Aherne / Music: Stephen Hilton / Art Director: Frederic Evard / Production Design: Luana Hanson / Executive Producer: Saurabh Kakkar / Producer: Jeff Pope / Director: David Blair

UK / ITV1 – ITV Studios / 1×100 minute episode / Broadcast 20 December 2009