The Winning Streak (ITV Drama, Benedick Blythe, Michael Cashman)

In ITV drama series The Winning Streak David Savage (Benedick Blythe) is determined to make it as a champion rally driver.

Bernard Savage (Leslie Sands) had built up Savage Motors from scratch, helped enormously by his wife Frances (Dinah Sheridan). Eldest son Paul (Shaun Scott) is keen to take over the running of the business but his younger brother David (Benedict Blythe) is intent on becoming a champion rally driver.

Much of the focus of the series is split between the family business and David’s rally driving exploits. His main rival was the successful Frank McShane (Michael Cashman). Other regulars included David girlfriend Carol (Shelagh McLeod), Paul’s wife Ruth (Laura Davenport) and Ronnie Coates (William MacBain) who was David’s co-driver.

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There was some potential for an Howards’ Way family saga here but it never went beyond the initial six episodes.

Michael J. Bird created the series and was instrumental in securing the use of the MG Metro 6R4 car featured in the series. Unusually though he didn’t contribute any actual episodes. Writers on the series were Michael Russell (who wrote four episodes), Tim Vaughan and Eric Wendell. The series was directed by Frank W. Smith and Richard Holthouse.

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Cast: Dinah Sheridan as Frances Savage; Leslie Sands as Bernard Savage; Benedick Blythe as David Savage; Michael Cashman as Frank McShane; Tony Melody as Matt Hutton; Shaun Scott as Paul Savage; Richard Cottan as Alan Kitteridge; Laura Davenport as Ruth Savage; Shelagh McLeod as Carol Dayton; William MacBain as Ronnie Coates; Jane Morant as Barbara Brookes; Graham Fellows as Chris Todd; Elizabeth Anson as Sue

Creators: Michael J. Bird / Advisor: Tony Howard / Executive Producer: Michael Glynn / Producer: Michael Russell

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 6×60 minute episodes / 16 September – 21 October 1985



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