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Damon and Debbie (Channel 4 1987 with Simon O’Brien and Gillian Kearney)



UK / Channel 4 – Mersey TV / 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 4-18 November 1987

Writer: Frank Cottrell Boyce / Executive Producer: Phil Redmond / Producer: Colin McKeown / Director: Bob Carlton

Drama serial. Spin off from Brookside( a self proclaimed ‘soap bubble’ – much like early 2000s spate of soap video releases.) Damon and Debbie from Brookside Close decide to run away.

Simon O’Brien as Damon Grant
Gillian Kearney as Debbie McGrath
Siobhan Mayer as Lettuce
Nick Maloney as Mr McGrath
John Basham as Nick
Annie Tyson as Barbara McGrath
Neil Caple as Lonnie
Geof Atwell as Tone
Jaye Griffiths as Zoe
Michelle Holmes as Jenny
Ian Ormsby-Knox as Kirk