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The Big Pull (BBC Scifi, William Dexter, June Tobin)



SciFi drama serial. The Big Pull was about an astronaut who sparks off a dangerous series of events when he returns to Earth in a dangerously contaminated ship. And yes that plot does sound very Quatermass like!

Cast: WILLIAM DEXTER as Sir Robert Nailer; JUNE TOBIN as Lady Nailer; SUSAN PURDIE as Janet Nailer; RAY ROBERT as Dr Alan Tulis; FREDERICK TREVES as Anderson; KEITH ANDERSON as Van Huesen

Writer: Robert Gould / Design: Lionel Radford / Music: Radiophonic Workshop / Producer: Terence Dudley

UK / BBC / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 9 June – 14 July 1962 in black and white