Bergerac: Sins of the Fathers (BBC-1 29 Nov 1985, with Warren Clarke)

In Sins of the Fathers a film crew is shooting a world war II movie on the island. Lead actor Henry Hoffman is a big name Hollywood actor, originally from Germany, he is causing a lot of bad feeling on the set with his prima-donna ways and there are people on the island who are not happy about him being on the island. He has been receiving threatening letters and Jim investigates.

Bergerac learns that Hoffman’s father was stationed on the island during the occupation during the second world war. It turns out that Hoffman had been charged with rape and was shot in front of a firing squad.

Things take a dangerous turn when one of the stunt men is nearly killed when a rope stunt is deliberately sabotaged. Henry was supposed to be on the rope but bad light meant a change of plan. Jim also discovers that Henry is heavily in debt to one of the film’s backers, Vaccarro (played by the fabulous Maurice Roeves)

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This was Warren Clarke’s second Bergerac appearance having also appeared in season one episode Relative Values.

An excellent episode, classic Bergerac really; A tangled plot, plenty of action and lots of well known faces popping up – including Clarke, Roeves, Petra Markham, Frank Williams, Lynn Farleigh and Ursula Howells.

The always excellent Maurice Roeves.

classic quote
“He did it all himself, a cut price John Stonehouse.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 29 November 1985 at 9.25pm

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Writer: Tessa Coleman / Production Design: John Hurst / Director: Graeme Harper

Series: Bergerac Season 4 Episode 8

John Nettles as Jim Bergerac
Terence Alexander as Charles Hungerford
Sean Arnold as Crozier
Nancy Mansfield as Peggy Masters
Mela White as Diamante Lil
Louise Jameson as Susan
Deborah Grant as Deborah
Warren Clarke as Henry Hoffman
Lynn Farleigh as Joan Grant
Francesca Brill as Annette Grady
Ursula Howells as Elizabeth Fouchet
Ivor Roberts as Alan Fouchet
Maurice Roeves as Vaccarro
Petra Markham as Suzie Borden
Terry Molloy as Carlton
Andrew McCulloch as Tim
Frank Williams as Librarian
Dennis Edwards as Jean du Bois
Jolyon Baker as Det Con Goddard
Roger Ostime as Man with gun
Alan Thompson as Pathologist
David Janes as Ben
Bill Weston as Greg
Stuart St Paul as Bob
Elaine Waller as Receptionist

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