New Scotland Yard: Perfect in Every Way (ITV 17 June 1972)

In Perfect in Every Way a young man, Terence Remick, out walking in a park discovers a dead body, it’s revealed to be a former policeman who John Kingdom worked with some years before. Remick decides to go to the press, Kingdom’s brother in law Harry Carson in particular, claiming he saw a man leaving the scene but Inspector Ward is convinced he is lying about how much he knows.

A strong glimpse into Kingdom’s troubled home life in this episode too as the death of the ex-policeman gives him pause for thought on his failed marriage. He even goes so far as to visit his estranged wife and by episodes end has admitted that he wants to give their marriage another try. Ward and Kingdom have a wonderfully antagonistic relationship, very much on display here. They clearly do not like each other very much!

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classic quote
“Angela, I want to come home”

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 17 June 1972 at 7.00pm

Writer: Stuart Douglass / Production Design: Roger Hall / Director: Paul Annett

Series: New Scotland Yard Season 1 Episode 9

Crispin Gillbard as Terence Remick
John Woodvine as John Kingdom
John Carlisle as Detective Inspector Ward
Maurice Quick as Pathologist
Patricia Lawrence as Mary Mervyn
Anthony Bailey as Tony Bailey
Brian Grellis as Det Sgt Evans
Keith Anderson as Det Con Tripp
Colin Rix as Det Sgt Bates
Ivan Beavis as News Editor
Barry Warren as Harry Carson
Sally Home as Angela Kingdom
Sara Clee as Susan Perryman
Margaret Anderson as Mrs Remick
Dennis Chinnery as John Remick

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