Pompidou: Lottery (BBC-2 8 Mar 2015 with Alex Macqueen)

UK / BBC Two / 1×30 minute episode / Broadcast 8 March 2015 @ 6.30pm

Writers: Matt Lucas / Director: Charlie Hanson

Series: Pompidou / Season 1 Episode 2

Pompidou thinks he’s won the lottery, but Hove’s the real winner. A transformation in Hove leaves poor Pompidou bereft, but he won’t let that last long.

Marion, Pompidou and Hove are watching the Lottery on TV. Pompidou jumps up seeing he has a single matching winning number and runs down the street with joy thinking he has won the jackpot! Hove breaks the news that you need all seven winning numbers to win and with a ticket of his own discovers he has the full row of winning numbers. Realising Hove is the actual winner, Pompidou assumes they will enjoy the winnings together, but Hove has other ideas.

The caravan is a tip. Pompidou goes to the shop and buys lots of cleaning products, but he has no idea what to do with them. He also gets a little bit mixed up and ends up cooking with the cleaning products and cleaning the table with a raw chicken. A dejected Pompidou and Marion are evicted from their caravan because Pompidou hasn’t been keeping up with his bills. After a failed attempt to raise some much needed funds, Hove takes them in, but Pompidou must now earn his keep. However things don’t work out as planned.

With no one wanting to buy Pompidou’s caravan, a ‘To Be Demolished’ sign is planted outside. Pompidou starts to protest in front of Hove’s caravan. Wires get crossed and it now looks like Hove’s caravan is the one to be demolished. As a result, Hove’s caravan is squished into a tiny cube of scrap metal leaving him with no home and no choice but to move back in with Pompidou again.

Matt Lucas as Pompidou
Alex Macqueen as Hove
Bella Emberg as Bella
Polly Parsons as Lottery Presenter
Julian Dutton as TV delivery man

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