Spindoe: And The Blood Starts Flowing (ITV 26 Apr 1968, with George Sewell)

The opening narration to And The Blood Start Flowing gives us a handy precise of the story. “The battle area. Greater criminal London. The river it’s frontier. North against South. Alec Spindoe deposed Monarch now out from jail. His wife Shelagh stolen by Eddie Edwards who also stole Spindoe’s kingdom. He imagines he can deal with Henry Mackleson criminal Emperor of the North who plans to destroy them all.”

Larry Bolsover, who was a former lowly member of Spindoe’s gang and has been helping him, has been killed by Mackleson’s gang who are trying to make it look like Spindoe was responsible.

Alec Spindoe himself meanwhile has managed to find some comfort in the arms of casino hostess Renata but it quickly becomes apparent she too has her own agenda and maybe working for Edwards.

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Spindoe also pays a visit to private inquiry agent Ray Scaliger (an excellent performance from George Sewell) to get evidence of Shelagh’s adultery so he can divorce her. Of course Spindoe’s real motive is to find out what is going on in Edward’s world.

Meanwhile Eddie himself is meeting with Mackleson and his key partners to look at merging the North and the South. Mackleson seems to offering everything Eddie wants in the deal but it is clear from the North’s kingpin’s knowing looks to his “business” partners that he might have other ideas once the deal i done.

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In a shock development to close out the episode Mackleson’s Spindoe lookalike murders Shelagh – with the maid as a witness.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 26 April 1968 at 9.00pm

Writer: Robin Chapman / Production Design: Peter Caldwell / Director: Cyril Coke

Series: Spindoe Episode 2 (of 6)

Ray McAnally as Alec Spindoe
George Sewell as Ray Scaliger
Richard Hurndall as Mackleson
Rachel Herbet as Renata
Basil Dignam as Det Insp Tierney
Anthony Bate as Eddie Edwards
Bryan Marshall as Det Sgt Poach
James Bree as Hackett
Geoffrey Matthews as Frederico
Colette O’Neil as Shelagh
Peter Jesson as Hans
Garfield Morgan as Webster
Derek Williams as Childe
Judy Matheson as Maid
Stanley Dawson as First Dustman
Geoffrey Briightman as Second Dustman

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