John Stride

British TV leading man John Stride became a major small screen star in the 1970’s thanks to his highly charismatic performance as David Main in ITV drama The Main Chance which he followed up with an equally winning performance in another ITV series Wilde Alliance.

Film roles tended to be more of a supporting nature, although he had an early lead in 1963 drama Bitter Harvest and scored a prominent in Polanski’s Macbeth.

Born 11 July 1936, he was for a time married to fellow actor Virginia Stride. He retired from acting in the early 1990’s.


1959: Rendezvous: Blind Landing as Leader
1959: ITV Play of the Week: A Touch of the Sun as John Lester
1963: Armchair Theatre: Late Summer as David
1965: The Scarlet and the Black (Serial) as Julien Sorel
1966: Knock on Any Door: Sunday in Prospective as David Burton
1966: Love Story: Dead Set at Dream Boy as James Parker
1967: Thirty-Minute Theatre: Teeth as George Pollock
1967: A Flea in Her Ear as Romain Tournel (One off drama)
1968: Detective: The Golden Dart as James Belsin
1968: The Root of All Evil: The Bonus as David
1968: Jackanory: Elidor as Storyteller
1968: Jackanory: Christmas Stories – The Minstrel and the Mountain as Storyteller
1969: BBC Play of the Month: Relatively Speaking as Greg
1969: BBC Play of the Month: The Heiress as Morris Townsend
1969-1975: The Main Chance (Series) as David Main
1970: W. Somerset Maugham: The Force of Circumstance as Guy Wilkes
1970: ITV Sunday Night Theatre: Visit From A Stranger as Gordon Trappe
1970: Jackanory: The 1000th Jackanory – The King and the Park-Keeper’s Army as Storyteller
1970: Jackanory: Russian Folk Tales as Storyteller
1971: Jackanory: The Griffin and the Minor Canon as Storyteller
1971: Jackanory: Animal Stories – Alexander and the Bucephalus as Storyteller
1973: Once Upon A Time: Frankenstein as Robert Walton
1973: Heil Caesar! (Series) as Mark Antony
1977: Play For Today: A Photograph as Michael Otway
1978: Wilde Alliance (Series) as Rupert Wilde
1978: ITV Playhouse: Hess as Sir Ivone Patrick
1978: Ghost Story For Christmas: The Ice House as Paul
1979: Henry VIII (One off drama) as Henry VIII
1979: Love Among The Artists (Serial) as Owen Jack
1981: Diamonds (Series) as Frank Coleman
1983: Number 10: A Woman of Style as David Lloyd George
1983: Conversations With A Stranger (TV Movie) as Englishman
1985: Thirteen at Dinner (TV Movie) as Film Director
1986: Macho (TV Movie) as Jack Forest
1986: Lytton’s Diary (Series) as Wayne Munroe
1987: Imaginary Friends (Serial) as Professor Tom McCann
1987: Screenplay: The Trial of Klaus Barbie as Procureur General
1989: Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Incredible Theft as Tommy Mayfield
1989: Jumping The Queue (Serial) as Tom
1989: Chelworth (Series) as Ewan Chivers
1990: TECX: Needle in a Haystack as Pierre Belloue
1992: The Old Devils (Serial) as Alun Weaver
1992: Growing Rich (Series) as Sir Bernard Bellamy
1992: The Mixer: The Mixer and the Four Seasons as Maynard Winwood
1993: Alleyn Mysteries: The Nursing Home Murder as Sir Derek O’Callaghan


1960: Sink The Bismark as Tom Shepherd (Stride was uncredited on screen)
1963: Bitter Harvest as Bob
1971: Macbeth as Ross
1972: Something to Hide as Sergeant Tom Winnington
1974: Juggernaut as Hughes
1975: Brannigan as Inspector Traven
1976: The Omen as The Psychiatrist
1977: A Bridge Too Far as Grenadier Guards Major
1980: Oh Heavenly Dog
1988: Hanna’s War

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