Beryl’s Lot (ITV 1973-1977 with Carmel McSharry and Mark Kingston)

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 26×60 minute episodes 26×30 minute episodes / 1973-77 3 Seasons

Creator: Kevin Laffan / Executive Producers: Peter Wiles, David Cunliffe

Comedy drama series. Milkman’s wife Beryl Humphries is determined to improve herself, and sets about doing so. This easy going series was part of ITV’s afternoon schedule.

CARMEL McSHARRY as Beryl Humphries
MARK KINGSTON as Tom Humphries(S1-2)
GEORGE SELWAY as Tom Humphries (Season 3)
VERNA HARVEY as Rosie Humphries
TONY CAUNTER as Trevor Tonks
ANITA CAREY as Babs Humphries
ROBIN ASKWITH as Fred Pickering(S1-2)
BRIAN CAPRON as Jack Humphries