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The Changes: Heartsease (BBC-1 17 Feb 1975, with Stella Tanner)



the changes BBC 1975

In Heartsease Davy has discovered a knife left behind by Jonathan at the school where Vicky was being held captive. He realises that the young man was responsible for helping Vicky get away. Gordon badly threatens Margaret to reveal just where Jonathan and Vicky are headed and then organises a posse to track them down.

Margaret needs to reach Jonathan and Vicky to warn them before Gordon and his posse get there. Luckily she is on horseback and the posse are on foot. Jonathan and Margaret’s father Peter is also starting to realise that Davy Gordon may be becoming dangerous with his witchcraft and wickedness obsession.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 17 Feb 1975 at 5.20pm

Writer: Anna Home / Production Design: Paul Munting / Director: John Prowse

Series: The Changes Episode 7 (of 10)

Vicky Williams as Nicky
Keith Ashton as Jonathan
David Garfield as Davy Gordon
Jack Watson as Peter
Zuleika Robson as Margaret
Stella Tanner as Anne
Tony Hughes as Jack
Kenneth Gilbert as Innkeeper
Daphne Neville as Villager
Godfrey Jackman as Publican