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The Changes: Lightning! (BBC-1 24 Feb 1975, with Jack Watson)



The Changes BBC 1975

In Lightning! Vicky, Jonathon and Margaret are trying to stay one ahead of Gordon and his posse, it’s not going to be easy as Gordon as now recruited men from another village. The posse blocks the bridge which Heartsease needs to get through and it looks like they may be caught.

The trio plan a diversion with Margaret and Vicky swapping clothes and Margaret making a run (well ride) for it in the hope that the posse will foliow her instead. This works but Davy stays behind on the bridge. Luckily when it looks like Davy may be going too far Jonathon’s father steps in and fights Davy knocking him into the river – unfortunately for Davy Gordon he can’t swim and is drowned. Peter then makes sure the bridge is opened so Vicky and Jonathon get away.

Although Vicky and Jonathon are starting to get over bad feelings towards machines and technology in the first place it seems that whatever has caused The Changes is not ready for things to change back anytime soon – their boat is destroyed by a lightning strike.

Another piece of luck sees Michael and his wife Mary giving Jonathon and Vicky shelter whilst they recuperate from their recent adventures.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 24 Feb 1975 at 5.20pm

Writer: Anna Home / Production Design: Paul Munting / Director: John Prowse

Series: The Changes Episode 8 (of 10)

Vicky Williams as Nicky
Keith Ashton as Jonathon
David Garfield as Davy Gordon
Jack Watson as Peter
Zuleika Robson as Margaret
Stella Tanner as Anne
Michael Gilbert as Innkeeper
Tom Chadbon as Michael
Merelina Kendall as Mary