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The Main Chance: One For The House (ITV 23 Aug 1972)



Doll On A Wall

In One For The House David agrees to help Warren Iveson launch a take-over bid on the brewery owned by his father-in-law but a stop at nothing businessman, Neville Carson, also wants the brewery. Main wants a massive £30,000 if the bid is successful – just the amount he needs to put towards the mortgage on the new £70,000 house Hilary wants them to buy. Things get a little murky when David puts £15,000 of his own money on the line too.

Interestingly Warren is the chap who was cited in Sarah’s divorce from Lord Radchester and she is very quick to jump back into bed with him again.

Main Chance One For The Road ITV

This interesting shot from rehearsals was used to publicise the show in the Sunday Mirror (13 Aug 1972). The full scene was used in the episode One For The Road (23 Aug 1972): On the right Main’s former mistress (Anna Palk) with her lover (Mark Burns) is ringing up former lover Main. Just in time to ruin his perfect evening. Her present lover wants legal advice. This is the set up for this scene from The Main Chance which viewers will see Wednesday week. Though you won’t see the beds so close together.

Anna Palk featured in the TV Times for this week’s episode saying how playing Lady Radchester, rather than just David’s secretary offered her more fun. She said of the sailing footage “swanning again, two hours to film the scene and four to bring the boat back. Sailing against the wind is slow. But it made a lovely day.” The whole scene lasted only a couple of minutes and mostly served as an opportunity to get the lovely Anna Palk in a bikini.

One For The House

Anna Palk as Lady Radchester takes to the water for an assignation with Warren Iveson.

classic quote
“You’re so bloody cool, what does it take it to make you angry.”
“Something important.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 23 August 1972

Writer: John Batt / Production Design: Alan Pickford / Director: John Frankau

The Main Chance Season 3 Episode 12

John Stride as David Main
Estelle Kohler as Hilary Main
Anna Palk as Sarah Radchester
Margaret Ashcroft as Margaret Castleton
Glynn Edwards as Walter Clegg
John Wentworth as Henry Castleton
Michael Gough as Sir George Andrews
Peter Williams as Edward Stainer
Mark Burns as Warren Iveson
Alister Williamson as Tom Maxwell
Shirley Dixon as Sally Howard
David Butler as Peter McWilliam
Peter Birrel as Michael Coburn
Gillian Hawser as Lady Annabel Andrews
Valerie Dane as Main’s secretary