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What’s Happening on CBS Sunday Morning Sunday August 14, 2022



What’s Happening on CBS Sunday Morning Sunday August 14, 2022; Tracy Smith Anchors from New York

LEFTIES – Rita Braver tells us what’s right about left-handed people.

WOMEN AT WORK – Faith Salie visits an exhibit of too-often-overlooked women artists at the Lyndhurst Mansion in New York’s Hudson Valley.

SUNDAY BEST – THINK BIG – Conor Knighton heads to Casey, Ill., a small town with a big heart, and a big rocking chair, a big windchime, a big mailbox and more.

SUNDAY BEST – MAYBERRY – Ted Koppel visits Mt Airy, N.C., the inspiration for “The Andy Griffith Show’s” fictional Mayberry, and finds there’s nothing simple about some people’s longing for simpler times.

BOATS – Seth Doane hits the water in a Riva boat, the Italian-built Cadillac of wooden watercraft whose beauty rivals that of the Italian coast.

SUNDAY BEST – JANE FONDA AND LILY TOMIN – The celebrated actresses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin sit down with Tracy Smith to discuss their lives and the success of their TV series “Grace and Frankie.”

OMAR – Martha Teichner has the story behind the new opera chronicling the life of Omar Ibn Said, an enslaved man whose autobiography is a rare historical treasure.

TRUMP’S WEEK – Major Garrett examines the tumultuous week our former president has experienced and what it means for the country.

NATURE – Red-headed woodpeckers at Knox Farm State Park in western New York.

Airdate: Sunday August 14, 2022 at 9.00am on CBS.