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Prime Target (1991, David Heavener, Tony Curtis)



David Heavener writes, directs, produces and stars in this violent actioner that pays homage to Clint Eastwood’s tough-guy persona. Plain-speaking cop John Bloodstone (Heavener) is suspended for the brutal arrest of several bank robbers. Corrupt politicians and some rogue FBI agents feel Bloodstone is becoming a problem, so they arrange for him to transfer a mafia boss (Tony Curtis) to prison, intending that, in the process, both will meet with a deadly ‘accident.’ The two escape and team up to wreak vengeance upon their persecutors.

Prime Target was the final film role for Robert Reed, who plays Agent Harrington. Reed is best remembered as Mike Brady on television’s The Brady Bunch.

production details
USA | 86 minutes | 1991

Directors: David Heavener, Philip J. Roth
Producers: David Heavener, Merlin Miller
Cinematography: Peter Wolf
Editor: Charles Coleman
Music: Robert Garrett
Script: David Heavener
Art Direction: Peter Gunn

Tony Curtis as Copella
Robert Reed as Harrington
Don Stroud as Manny
Andrew Robinson as Police Commissioner
David Heavener as Bloodstone
Isaac Hayes as Tompkins
Jenilee Harrison as Kathy Bloodstone
Michael Gregory as Agent Robbins
Don Scribner as Greensburg
David James Campbell as Agent Parkins
Tiffany Million as Girl in Shower