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Skylark (Paramount 1941, Claudette Colbert, Ray Milland)



In witty romantic comedy Skylark, Colbert is the dissatisfied wife of ad exec Ray Milland, whose interests lie more with his work than his marriage. Colbert heads to Reno to start divorce proceedings, and hooks up with wealthy playboy Brian Aherne for a cruise. Though he falls madly in love with Colbert, she’s trying to figure out how to get back with Milland.

Samson Raphaelson’s story for Skylark originally appeared in the Saturday Evening Post under the title ‘Streamlined Heart.’ When Raphaelson adapted it as a stage play, Gertrude Lawrence played the lead.

Academy Award Nomination for Best Sound.

production details
USA | Paramount | 92 minutes | 1941
Director: Mark Sandrich
Script: Allan Scott, Zion Myers,

Claudette Colbert as Lydia Kenyon
Ray Milland as Tony Kenyon
Binnie Barnes as Myrtle Valentine
Brian Aherne as Jim Blake
Walter Abel as George Gore
Grant Mitchell as Frederick Vantine
Mona Barrie as Charlette Gorell
Ernest Cossart as Theodore
James Rennie as Ned Franklyn