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The Truth About Vaping, 20 March, 2024, BBC Three



The Truth About Vaping

In Jordan North’s documentary, “The Truth About Vaping,” the presenter delves into the controversial world of vaping to uncover the facts surrounding its safety and potential health risks. With the number of young people turning to vaping on the rise, and sales in the UK reaching a staggering £1.7 billion annually, Jordan sets out to determine whether it’s time for him to quit his own vaping habit.

Once marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, vapes now come in an array of shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours, making them easily accessible on high streets across the country. However, concerns have grown about their appeal to young non-smokers and their potential for addiction to nicotine. In response to these concerns, the government has announced plans to ban disposable vapes from being sold in the UK.

Amidst conflicting reports and public confusion about vaping’s impact on health, Jordan seeks answers by speaking with fellow vapers who are similarly unsure about its effects. He also visits his alma mater in Sunderland to gain insight into how vapes work and what exactly they contain.

During his investigation, Jordan discovers that certain types of vapes are illegal but remain readily available on high streets. These illicit products often contain toxic chemicals that could be harmful to users. Joining forces with Newcastle Trading Standards during raids on shops selling illegal vapes in the city, he witnesses firsthand just how prevalent these dangerous products are.


Determining where these illegal vapes originate from proves challenging as their manufacturing conditions cannot guarantee hygienic standards expected within the UK.

To shed light on vaping’s potential impact on our bodies’ cardiovascular systems, Jordan travels to Manchester where he meets with a scientist leading one of the first long-term studies examining this subject matter. Additionally, he encounters Jemma—a young woman who believes her ten-year history of vaping has had severe consequences for her health—allowing viewers insights into personal experiences.

Armed with the knowledge he has gained, Jordan faces a decision: will he continue using vapes to reduce his cigarette consumption, or will concerns for his well-being prompt him to abandon vaping altogether?

Catch “The Truth About Vaping” on Wednesday 20 March 2024 at 9:00pm on BBC THREE.


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