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Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears Episode 4 (ITV 3 Nov 2017)



Australian Wilderness Ray Mears

Adventurer Ray Mears continues his trip down under where he is exploringthe magical landscapes of Australia. His travels take him through mountains and deserts and from the rainforest to the oceans. He meets some weird and wonderful animals and the people who know the secrets of living in this amazing wilderness.

In the fourth episode, airing on Friday 3 Nov on ITV, Ray visits Kangaroo Island in South Australia. When early explorers arrived here, they found a land teeming with kangaroos and other species, and completely free of predators. Ray sets out to discover how much of this original paradise is left today.

Ray meets Paul Stanton, who has been farming on the island for 30 years and lives in harmony with his kangaroo neighbours. Ray then moves down to the middle of the island to Lathami National Park, where he visits Karleah Berris.

Karleah shows Ray the last refuge of the glossy black cockatoo, which is extinct on the mainland. Heading further south, Ray meets Peggy Rismiller, who has spent 30 years studying one of the world’s most elusive and oddest creatures – the echidna. This unique animal, also called the spiny anteater, is an ancient living bridge between reptiles and mammals. It is the only mammal with a true beak and it also lays eggs. Finally, Ray heads to the south coast of the island to Flinders Chase National Park, where he finds fur seals being battered in the surf of the Southern Ocean.

Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears Episode 4 airs Friday 3 November 2017 from 8.00pm on ITV.