Mackenzies of Paradise Cove, The (ABC 1979, Clu Galager, Keith Mitchell)

Entertaining but short lived action adventure series The Mackenzies of Paradise Cove saw getting on in years Cuda Weber taking in a group of kids whose parents had been killed in an accident and raising them as his own.

Cuda lived in Hawaii and ran his own small scale fishing boat charter outfit from his boat The Viking. He posed as the kids Uncle so that the authorities didn’t take them into care and the kids ranged from seven year Timothy, to 17 year old twins Kevin and Bridget and in between there was Michael and Celia. Cuda’s best friend was Big Ben Kalikini and he and his family also played a big part in proceedings.

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The Mackenzies is actually quite a well remembered show despite only running for three episodes. There was also a feature length pilot called Stickin’ Together which aired on April 14, 1978. Kevin was played by Sean Roche in the pilot and the show was actually going to be called Wonderland Cove.

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production details
USA / ABC / 1×90 minute episode and 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 27 March – 11 April 1979

Creators and Executive Producers: William Blinn, Jerry Thorpe / Music: Fred Werner, John Rubinstein

CLU GULAGER as Cuda Weber
KEITH MITCHELL as Timothy Mackenzie
LORY WALSH as Bridget Mackenzie
SEAN MARSHALL as Michael Mackenzie
RANDI KIGER as Celia Mackenzie
MOE KEALE as Big Ben Kalikini
SEAN TYLER HALL as Little Ben Kalikini
LEINAALA HEINE as Mrs Kalikini

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