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Comedy Playhouse (BBC 1961-1975)



An umbrella title for a long running series of one off comedies. The shows for 1961 and 1962 were all written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. 28 of the shows actually graduated to full series. Those marked *= became a series.

1961: Cliquot Et Fils / Lunch in the Park / The Private Lives of Edward Whiteley

1962: The Offer*(as Steptoe and Son) / The Reunion / The Telephone Call / The Status Symbol / Visiting Day / Sealed With a Loving Kiss / The Channel Swimmer

1963: On the Knocker / Underworld Knights / And Here All The Way From / Fools Rush In / Shamrot / The Bachelor Girls / The Plan / A Picture of Innocence / Nicked at the Bottle / The Chars / Comrades In Arms / The Walrus and the Carpenter* / The Bed* (as Meet the Wife) / Have You Read This Notice


1964: The Mate Market / The Hen House / The Siege of Sydney’s Street / The Mascot / Good Luck Sir, You’ve Got a Lucky Face

1965: Barnaby Spoot and the Exploding Whoopee Cushion / Mother Came Too / Here I Come Whoever I Am / Happy Family / Memoirs of a Chaise Longue / Murray and Me / Hudd* / Till Death Us Do Part* / The Time and Motion Man / Sam the Samiraritan / The Vital Spark*(as Para Handy) / Betsy Mae

1966: The Bishop Rides Again* (as All Gas and Gaiters) / Beggar My Neighbour* / A Little Learning / Judgement Day for Elijah Jones / Room at the Bottom* / The End of the Tunnel / Seven Year Hitch / The Mallard Imaginaire*(as The Whitehall Worrier) / The Reluctant Romeo*

1967: Hughie / House in a Tree* (as Not in Front of the Children) / Spanner in the Works / Heirs On A Shoestring / Uncle Fred Flits By / Loitering With Intent / To Lucifer – A Son / The Old Campaigner*


1968: State of the Union / View By Appointment* (as Wink To Me Only) / The Family of Fred / Stiff Upper Lip / Wild Wild Women* / Thank You Sir, Thank You Madam/ B-and-B* / Me Mammy* / The Gold Watch Club

1969: The Liver Birds* / The Valley Express / Tooth and Claw / As Good Cooks Go* / The Loves of Larch Hill / The Making of Peregrine / Joint Account

1970: The Jugg Brothers / An Officer and a Gentleman / Who’s Your Friend? / Keep ‘Em Rolling / Better Than a Man / Last Tribute* (as Thats Your Funeral) / Haven of Rest / Mind Your Own Business / The Old Contemptible / Don’t Ring Us…We’ll Ring You / Meter Maids

1971: Under and Over* / Just Harry and Me (as Now Take My Wife) / Uncle Tulip / It’s Awfully Bad For Your Eyes Darling* / The Rough With The Smooth / Equal Partners / The Importance of Being Hairy


1972: Idle at Work / And Whose Side Are You On? / Born Every Minute / The Dirtiest Soldier in the World / Weren’t You Marcia Honeywell / Are You Being Served*

1973: Last of the Summer Wine* / The Rescue / Elementary My Dear Watson / The Birthday / Marry the Girls / Home From Home

1974: No Strings* / Franklyn and Johnnie / Howerd’s History of England / Happy Ever After* / The Dobson Doughnut / The Big Job* (as Mr Big) / It’s Only Me Whoever I Am / The Last Man On Earth / Sitting Pretty / Pygmalion Smith / A Girl’s Best Friend / The Reverent Wooing Of Archibald / Too Much Monkey Business

1975: The Melting Pot / Only On Sunday / For Richer… For Poorer / Captive Audience / Going, Going, Gone… Free?


One episode, French Relish, was scheduled for 16 July 1974 but was replaced by Seven of One episode Open All Hours.

The BBC have recently revived the format.

production details
UK | BBC One | x30 minutes | Broadcast from 15 December 1961 – 9 July 1975

Creator: Tom Sloan


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