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Hazell: Hazell and the Weekend Man (ITV 6 Mar 1978, with Gwen Taylor)



In Hazell and the Weekend Man milkman George Bradley asks Hazell to look into the activities of his widowed mother’s weekend lodger. Over the last few months she has become quite friendly with the man, Mr Norman, and would possibly like to marry him. Mr Norman is quite secretive about his activities during the week (he works away on business) and George Bradley wants to make sure his mother is not being taken advantage of.

Trailing Norman Hazell finds himself arrested for importuning at a railway station when he loses sight of Norman after he disappears in the gents lavatory.

Hazell and the Weekend Man

The arresting coppers are the ubiquitous Michael Sheard and Eamon Boland.

As Hazell investigates it very quickly becomes obvious that Mr Norman is not who he says he is.

Meanwhile Hazell is also being pursued by the tax man.

The lovely Pat Heywood is Mrs Bradley and George Waring is the double life leading Mr Norman. Gwen Taylor also makes a small appearance as a housewife who mistakes Hazell for a washing machine repair man.

In 1971 Richard Harris contributed a script, The Man Who Didn’t Eat Sweets, with a very similar storyline to fellow Thames series Public Eye.

Hazell and the Weekend Man

Gwen Taylor as Mrs Ford.

classic quote
“I’m not expecting anyone.”
“Neither was Trotsky”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 6 March 1978 at 9.00pm

Writer: Richard Harris / Production Design: Bill Palmer, David Ferris / Director: Don Leaver

Series: Hazell Season 1 Episode 8

Nicholas Ball as James Hazell
Maggie Riley as Maureen
Barbara Young as Dot
Sam Dale as Mr Arnold
Roger Sloman as George Bradley
Pat Heywood as Mrs Bradley
George Waring as Mr Norman
Eamon Boland as Hammond
Michael Sheard as Finch
Gwen Taylor as Mrs Ford
Martin Neil as Mr Doddimead