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Walter Presents: Astrid – Murder In Paris Premieres Friday 21 October on More4



Walter Presents: Astrid – Murder In Paris, which is set in the French capital, follows young detective Astrid (Sara Mortensen) as she looks into some of the most difficult murder cases there.

Commander Raphalle Coste (Lola Dewaere), who is seeking information for one of her investigations, has no idea that she is about to have a life-altering encounter when she visits the police records bureau. Astrid is a gifted young person with autism who is a walking encyclopaedia of criminal investigations. She has Asperger’s syndrome, which makes her very creative and occasionally picky. The Commander is looking into a bizarre suicide involving a Colonel who burned himself alive; the complexity of the case necessitates a different method of analysing the evidence because it could lead to the incorrect inference. When Astrid lends Raphalle a hand, the two realise that their perfectly complementary skills—or perhaps even their differences—are the key to solving cases. The two work brilliantly together to solve even the most difficult crimes.

Astrid: Murder in Paris has an intriguing main character who is pleasantly different.

Airdate: Friday 21 October 2022 on More4.