Love Island: Meet the Girls – Lana Jenkins

Love Island: Unseen Bits

Love Island returned to ITV2 this week and it’s time to meet the contestants. Lana Jenkins is 25 and from Luton. She is a makeup artist.

Why Love Island and why now?
I’ve been single for quite a while, I’m normally a relationship type of person so the fact that I’ve been single for two, almost three, years is quite rare for me. Now’s the right time for me to be doing something a bit different. I’ve not been able to find anyone who suits me so it’s good to do something totally different and try to meet someone a different way.

What do you think you’ll bring to the Villa?
I think I will bring a lot of flirtation, I’m funny and I think I’m just a good person – so I will probably get on with everyone. I’ll just go in there, have a laugh and have a really good time. If I’m lucky, and there is someone I get along with, I think it could be really special. I’m looking for something that’s a bit deeper, something more serious that could turn into something long term and hopefully a little love story.

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ for why someone should want to date you?
I’m amazing in a relationship! I’m a good cook, good at tickles, I’m fun to be around – but also very relaxed and laid back.

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Why would you say you’re single?
Because I’ve been through relationships that have made me want to find someone perfect, I’ve been with people that haven’t been meant for me. Since then I’ve been really picky about who I go for and who I let into my life.

How would friends/family describe you?
They would say that I’m funny.

Best / worst date story?
My worst date was my most recent one, he was absolutely drop dead gorgeous, 10/10 and my perfect type – so I was really excited to meet him. When I arrived he literally took me to a bar next door to his flat and hadn’t made much effort – he had literally popped downstairs! All he did was talk about himself and his work. I just sat there and then he took a phone call for 20 minutes whilst I sat in front of him. He didn’t even apologise! I then said, ‘Oh I’m going to have to go’ and then he went, ‘See ya later’.

What gives you the ‘ick’?
I don’t mind people texting me all the time but if you send me question marks if I’ve not replied to you in a while, you’re gone. That’s a really big red flag for me! Also if I see a guy trip over, that’s an instant turn off.

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Do you fall in love quickly?
I fall in love quickly. I tend to know quite soon if I could fall in love with that person and then, as long as everything is going well, I’ll probably tell them I love them in about a week.

What’s your claim to fame?
In my work as a makeup artist I’ve worked with lots of celebrities. Also, when I was 6-years-old I used to live in Spain and I was in an episode of Benidorm as an extra.

Tell us something not many people know about you?
I’m fluent in Spanish.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Margot Robbie, I love her, she’s beautiful and comes across as such a lovely person.

Do you have any unusual skills?
I can cook a mean paella.

Music is a big part of Love Island – who do you have on repeat and why?
I’m loving Little Simz at the moment, but I am also a big Bob Marley fan.

Who are your dream dinner party guests?
Louis Theroux, Bob Marley and my Great Nana.

If money was no object, what would be your ideal first date?
Barbados to swim with the pigs in the sea.

Love Island returned to ITV2 and ITVX on Monday 16 January 2023.

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