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It Happens Every Thursday (Universal 1953, Loretta Young, John Forsythe)



In It Happens Every Thursday, fed up with the daily grind of his beat at a big-city newspaper, reporter Bob MacAvoy and his pregnant wife head to California, where they take over operations of a small, weekly paper. They struggle to keep the paper afloat financially, all the while trying to be accepted as part of the local community. To win over the locals, and increase his paper’s circulation, MacAvoy turns to hatching a spectacular publicity stunt.

It Happens Every Thursday was the final film appearance of Loretta Young, who then began a lucrative TV career, starting with The Loretta Young Show, which ran from 1953-1961 and won three Emmys.

production details
USA | Universal | 80 minutes | 1953

Director: Joseph Pevney
Writers: Dane Lussier, Leonard Praskins, Barney Slater, Jane S. McIlvaine,

Edgar Buchanan as Jake
Loretta Young as Jane MacAvoy
John Forsythe as Bob MacAvoy
Frank McHugh as Fred Hawley
Gregg Palmer as Chet Dunne
Harvey Grant as Steve MacAvoy
Jimmy Conlin as Matthew
Jane Darwell as Mrs. Eva Spatch
Willard Waterman as Myron Trout
Gladys George as Mrs. Lucinda Holmes
Edith Evanson as Mrs. Peterson
Edward Clark as Homer
Kathryn Card as Mrs. Dow
Eddy Waller as James Bartlett
Regis Toomey as Mayor Hull
Gail Bonney as Miss Newton (uncredited)