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See Hear On Tour: Amsterdam Series Premiere Mon 30 Oct on BBC-2



See Hear On Tour- Amsterdam

In new five part series See Hear On Tour, premiering on Monday 30 October on BBC Two, Rosie Benn sets off on an epic adventure through five European capitals. As a young Deaf woman who uses sign language, Rosie is keen to explore Deaf culture in other countries. What is life like for the local Deaf community and what are the highlights for Deaf travellers seeking out a short city break?

Rosie’s first stop is the exciting capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The city has a reputation for its naughty side, but what else is there to see for Deaf travellers?

Rosie takes a bicycle tour of the city, taking in the flower market, the parks and the art galleries. In the Van Gogh museum she discovers they have a signing guide to encourage Deaf people to come and visit. Plus she meets contemporary artist Timothy de Graaf, a Deaf Dutch master, who gives her some tips on drawing portraits.

Later, she takes a trip along the canals in a ‘signing boat’ and visits the Amsterdam Deaf Club, which has been going for more than 40 years.

See Hear On Tour Episode 1 (of 5) airs on Monday 30 October 2017