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Armchair Cinema: The Prison (ITV 1974 Jame Laurenson)



In high budget drama The Prison Parisien magazine editor Alain Poitaud believes he is to blame when his wife kills her own sister. He believes his infidelities have pushed her over the edge.

This strong drama, (The Prison of the title refers to, of course, a metaphorical prison that Poitaud traps himself him through his guilt), was one of six dramas made by Thames and Euston under the Armchair Cinema umbrella title. One of the six Regan would basically serve as the pilot for the legendary series The Sweeney. The Prison rated pretty highly and was filmed on location in both London and Paris and like all of the Armchair Cinemas had a pretty big budget for a TV drama of £85,000.

production details
UK / ITV Network – Thames – Euston / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 28 May 1974 @ 8.30pm

Writer and Producer: Geoffrey Gilbert / Novel: Georges Simenon / Executive Producers: Lloyd Shirley, George Taylor / Director: David Wickes

Series: Armchair Cinema Episode 1 (of 6)

James Laurenson as Alain Poitaud
James Maxwell as Roland Blanchet
Ann Curthoys as Jacqueline Poitaud
Kenneth Griffith as Julien Bour
George Murcell as Maître Rabut
André Morrell as Andre Fage
Diane Keen as Mina
Philip Madoc as Superintendent Roumagne
Peter Sallis as Benitet
Jon Laurimore as Boris Maleski
Nina Francis as Adrienne
John Scholes as Inspector Noble
Heather Barbour as Bessie
Joyce Heron as Mme Poitaud
Dominic Gilbert as Patrick Poitaud
Norman Henry as Oscar Poitaud
Anita Finch as Maud
Hal Jeayes as Usher
Johnny Shannon as Desk Sergeant
Mary Quinn as Mme Martin
Nancy Nevinson as Mme Jeanne