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Born To Run (BBC Comedy Drama, Billie Whitelaw, Keith Allen)



In six part comedy drama Born To Run (written by Debbie Horsfield), car dealer Byron Flitch (Keith Allen) promises his demanding mistress Judith (Linda Henry) he will leave his wife is she can turn his elderly mother Lili (Billie Whitelaw) into a marathon runner.

Cast: Billie Whitelaw (Lili Flitch), Kieran O’Brien (Ryan Flitch), Keith Allen (Byron Flitch), Marian McLoughlin (Bron Flitch), Alison Lomas (Tiffany De Lysle), Terence Rigby (Burke Flitch), Kaye Wragg (Nimmy), Mary Jo Randle (Teresa), William Ash (Sammy Flitch), Linda Henry (Judith), Rachel Davies (Elayne Quigley), Crissy Rock (Edna), John McArdle (Eddie Gallagher)

Writer: Debbie Horsfield / Executive Producers: John Chapman, Michael Wearing / Producer: Laura Mackie / Director: Jean Stewart

UK / BBC One / 6×55 minute episodes / Broadcast 25 May – 29 June 1997